Without knowing the problems how do you fix them? Drive more qualified traffic and sales to your site.

SEOTOOL solves SEO problems, by providing solutions and explaining how to fix them.

Don’t waste time and money going around the problems and penalties hampering your sites performance. SEOTOOL will analyze your site and prioritize errors while providing solutions to unlock the organic ranking potential of your site.

User Friendly Layouts & Explanations

Help pinpoint ranking problems and help yourto determine the best course of action for your website

Analyze Your Primary Competition

Providing invaluable competitor based intelligence to prioritize SEO execution based on industry(s).

Fetch, Parse & Analyze

Analyze live sites, as well as websites in a staging set for pre-launch problem solving

Exportable Reports to Track & Share Progress

Share progress and solutions with web admins to mitigate errors and improve SEO campaigns

eCommerce Websites

SEO Tool becomes an indispensable part of the web marketing mix for clients managing large eCommerce stores. Analyze competitors websites.

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Digital Marketing Agencies & Marketing Firms

SEOtool will enable all departments of your advertising agency and those client-side team members to function harmoniously to maximize SEO results.

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Enterprise & Large Brands

Is your site getting too large to find all of the SEO issues that are infecting your natural search positioning? Easily analyze 100’s to 1000’s of pages for SEO issues.

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Web Design & Development Firms

SEOtool offers your web development firm a way to increase revenues and fee income based on a solid foundation of SEO architecture information.

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SEO tool for In-house SEO

SEOtool can be an invaluable “employee” within your organization. How long would it take your marketing or SEO team to figure out large scale issues?

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SEOtool for Start-Up Companies

Launching a poorly architectured website that is full of deficiencies, can be very damaging to your start-up company trying to be found and grow its business.

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SEO Content Publishing

SEOtool gives content publishers a level of insight, analysis and specific SEO conditions unlike any technology on the market today!

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