SEOtool for eCommerce Websites andOnline Retailers

SEO Tool becomes an indispensable part of the web marketing mix for clients managing large ecommerce stores. With hundreds of product lines and databases serving up thousands of category and product pages, the opportunity for SEO errors and organic ranking problems, grow exponentially.

Many sites have well written content, but poor site architecture bad on-page optimization practices create roadblocks for search engine crawlers and greatly reduce a retailers ranking potential. SEO Issues are often times site-wide. Without large-scale, technical analysis, these problems are very difficult to identify and address. SEOtool provides in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations that can translate into increased search rankings for hundreds of revenue producing keywords; leading to a direct impact on return-on-investment and increased profitability.

For large ecommerce sites, while there may be tens of thousands of individual pages, most are powered through various page templates. Via custom crawl profiles, SEOtool allows site owners to evaluate large sample sets of all page templates so that architectural and on-page weaknesses can be identified and then corrected; consequently affecting nearly every brand, category or product page within your website.

SEOtool can be used to analyze live sites, as well as websites in a staging environment; enabling retailers to fix SEO issues, pre-launch. SEOtool is not limited there; it can fetch, parse & analyze your primary competition, providing invaluable competitive intelligence and allowing in-house SEO teams to prioritize SEO execution based on their own industry(s), respectively.