Who Should Use SEOtool?

SEOtool is for any person, business or marketing services provider that is serious about using search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more qualified traffic, leads and sales to its website(s). SEO (search engine optimization) is one-part technical, one-part marketing and one-part social. The SEO landscape will continue to change as search algorithms adjust to user behavior, competitive landscapes and bleeding edge Internet trends so these “parts” may increase or shift over time.

One constant in SEO, at least to date, is the technical part. A website’s architecture is objective in nature and an absolute factor in the world of SEO. Sure, search engines improve their crawling capabilities, but there remain “Constants”; and “Knowns” that webmasters must take into account in managing or launching websites. SEOtool greatly improves the success of an SEO campaign by:

  • Increasing the total number of pages analyzed at any given time
  • Increasing the speed at which websites are analyzed
  • Increasing the accuracy, depth and specificity at which sites are analyzed
  • Increasing the availability of time spent by humans solving problems rather than finding them
  • Decreasing the frequency of inaccurate findings and human errors
  • Decreasing Opportunity Costs through specific problem identification (site-wide & page-level)