Our SEO Tools Are The Most Valuable Marketing Tool For Your Agency

How long would it take your SEO experts to diagnose SEO problems infecting your customer’s website? Are you using a number of basic SEO tools combined with human processes to audit websites, pinpoint ranking problems and try to determine the best course of action for customers? SEOtool minimizes guess work, improves operational efficiencies and drastically improves your SEO expertise. Identifying ranking problems that are not surface-level deep can be like finding hundreds of needles in a haystack, leading to long arduous hours of manpower. With SEOtool you can now expose what is reducing your clients’ organic ranking potential in a near, real-time and execute on delivering custom solutions implementation, rather than just giving advice and general recommendations.

In order to scale operations and improve the value you deliver to clients, Agencies need technology-savvy, SEO partners who can deliver large-scale site analyses, site-specific prioritizations and specific findings that require improvement. SEOtool will enable all departments of your agency and those Client-side team members to function harmoniously as it relates to SEO strategy, priorities and execution. This allows all involved to secure buy-in from IT, Marketing & Business Development, Content Writers, and Management. Quantifiable data can’t be argued; SEOtool identifies the absolute, structural issues infecting your clients’ sites so that you can deliver precise solutions that lead to significant boosts in rankings.

SEOtool Benefits for SEO Providers

Agencies are able to leverage SEOtool, as is, or set-up a custom white-label instance that becomes your own branded platform. The customization of SEOtool for your Agency can be unique, including but not limited to:

  • SEOtool report explanations – an extensive knowledge base and SEO library exists in SEOtool. This can be customized based on your agencies SEO philosophies, language and priorities for client campaigns
  • SEO condition descriptions – you can use the default explanations or tailor your own descriptions of SEO problems and how they affect organic rankings
  • SEO solutions – use default explanations or incorporate your own advice in how to properly rectify site-wide or page-specific problems that are exposed through SEOtool
  • Crawler settings – structure custom crawl profiles, report views and other dynamic settings that determine the information that is fetched, parsed and analyzed for SEOtool reports
  • Custom branding – insert your logo throughout SEOtool, customize the domain where your SEOtool instance resides, and establish branded tool tips within the enterprise-dashboard

SEOtool can give your Agency a boost in SEO expertise, analysis capabilities and operational efficiencies; leading to increased billings, profitability, customer results and retention rates.