SEO tools for Start-Up Companies andSEO for New Websites

Business ventures or start-up companies must ensure their websites are search engine optimized

Having a strong chance to rank in the major search engines means it is vital that your new website is search engine optimized for search engine success. Launching a poorly architectured website that is full of deficiencies, can be very damaging to your start-up company trying to be found and grow its business.

SEOtool will help you identify the greatest areas for SEO improvement, so that your website can have a fighting chance to climb the search engine results. Leveraging SEOtool, combined with a sound link building approach, gives start-ups the greatest potential for success as it relates to results, operational efficiencies and ongoing SEO metrics.

Start-ups operate on limited budgets. Most are bootstrapped and don’t have a pile of angel investment or Venture Capital to propel the business forward. SEO is one of the most cost-effective and profitable marketing vehicles for a new business. It is a must for any new web business. You should not waste precious hours analyzing and “guessing” — instead, your team should spend that time implementing solutions and growing the business. SEOtool eliminate the hunches, guesswork and grunt work involved in SEO strategy; leaving time for you to solve SEO impediments and climb the organic search results; invaluable for nimble start-ups.