Help your clients have the highest possible potential for organic ranking success

Web developers who leverage SEO tools like “SEOTOOL” into the website design process are able to deliver a verifiable search engine optimized website to clients earning trust and continued partnerships in the future. Your clients will have the highest possible potential for organic ranking success and will appreciate the SEO knowledge a your web development team delivered in the form of a “final product” that is both user and search engine friendly.

In a competitive environment for web design bids and securing new projects, SEOtool can offer a huge advantage over your competition; enabling your firm to win more jobs. This approach is two-fold:

  1. You can analyze a prospect’s existing website before making the bid, identifying site-wide and page-level problems that you propose to resolve as part of your deliverables;
  2. You can integrate SEOtool into the site analysis process after your development has fleshed out the design and prior to the site’s official launch.

SEOtool offers your web development firm a way to increase revenues and fee income based on a solid foundation of SEO architecture information. You can increase billings for prior clients by offering them specific SEO solutions, found and exposed through SEOtool. Also, you can now offer advanced SEO solutions where more time is spent on custom solutions and execution, versus SEO analysis; SEOtool will take your analysis and discovery to an entirely new level!

For larger development agencies, SEOtool can be white-labeled. With your custom branded SEOtool, you can communicate with your clients with a familiar look, feel and language — as the knowledge base within SEOtool can be tailored around your firm’s language, SEO philosophies and strategies. SEOtool will boost your firm’s capabilities and improve trusted advisory role with current and future clients, especially when branded as your own.